hypothyroidism and cyst on ovarys

So Since November, I’ve been extremely fatigued and bloated I’ve gained over three and a half stone within 2 months. I started to worry when my period was 2 weeks late I got 1 day of spotting and then I lost my voice and couldn’t speak due to pain. My voice has returned but myContinue reading “hypothyroidism and cyst on ovarys”

First video make up revolution collection easy makeup look messymakeupdays

Reason for being anti social

Social Anxiety disorder  If you get anxious around groups of people that is a very good reason not to be pushed into social interactions. If you suffer from social anxiety disorder I’m assuming you’ve made people angry and upset at your lack of communication and involvement in people’s lives.  You come across as boring andContinue reading “Reason for being anti social”

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